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We are the KNIGHTS OF THE SQUARE TABLE; ordained by the holy powers of the greatest RPG publishers in the world. OUR MISSION: To take the many worlds of Square and weave them into new realms through the writing of cross-over fics.

For those of who out there who didn't catch that, our favorite thing to do is sit around and come up with stories involving characters that you would never place in a room together (unless they were bound in Straight Jackets, gagged, and highly sedated.) Hope you like our twisted logic. We are really just a bunch of smaller knights who have joined together.

Our powers are limitless and nobody can stop US!!! Enjoy our stupid fun!

Z'Rune (Chocobo Knight)
berserker_orsen *n00b*

Other Notes and Stuff:
This section is here to explain a few things that I have gotten questions about.

1) I am not bashing FFX because I hate the game. I was actually a big fan of the game but IMO it had low charecter development and making it to poke fun at. SO STOP SENDING ME HATE MAIL!

2)Thank you for stoping the hate mail.

That's all for now.

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