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Konnichiwa!! ^_^

I simply love writing ... currently, i am writing fics basing on HYD and Itazura na Kiss and now I am trying on some original stories...

Also, I am still working really hard to polish my grammars and vocabs!! So, do bear with me a little while reading my fics/stories...

Completed Fictions:

1. Salty Coffee (HYD Fic)
2. Did I Forget Makino? (HYD Fic)
3. Another Granted Miracle (HYD Fic)

Currently working on:

1. What If (HYD Fic)
2. A Point of No Return (Original)

On hold (getting writer's blocks):

1. Love, True, Faith (HYD Fic)
2. Race Day (Original)

Have posted two Itakiss fic on the misc section of Anime. If you happen to be a itakiss fan, do spare me some time to read them and let me know your POV...thanks...the two fics are

1. Kotoko Strikes Back! (Another 6 more chapters to upload)
2. Naoki's Miracle (Short Fic, Completed)

Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu!

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