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hey, sup ya'll? this be takari's baybee disturbin ta peace... welcomes to my collectIon of fics... keep urself happy =)

_Listen up fo' this week's:

“work on being happie; it’s the most worthwhile thing u can do”

no one in this world is more important than you. Ur special and u should noe that. Don’t go doing things that make u feel bad or disappoint u – and by that im not sayin don’t do ur homework =P… in this world, its great to make others cheerful and bring joy to ur friends, but remember about urself. Don’t forget about YOUR happiness. That’s what comes first no matter how unselfish u are. ‘kay? promise me that.

_-Takari's Baybee

call me by Takari's Baybee. im a preteen/teen, female. things to know about me when ur reading my fics is that i have TERRIBLE grammar ('specially in those evil tenses - past present...blah blah...) i have terrible spellin and i truly think that i cannot explain or describe. its like, i juss cant...hahh... and juss because i support takari, dunt mean i hate davis. i dont hate daisuke at all! he's funnie and makes the show interesting. i just dont like the idea of him wit hikari..lol what else? ... hmm... well, imma proud asian, oriental to be exact... and if you have noticed my writing, slang comes naturally haha... its kinda like automatic thingy on my fingers...hhaha, i told u i cant explain! i admit that long before, i was obsessed with anime, now, im SO NOT anime crazie! grew out of it...i mean i USED to be a crazed "omg, a takari!!" fan thingy, but eh...now im juss like, "oh goood...a takari..." lolz... okay, i grw out of it but hey, i still support dem k k? just to note that the email address up there is my email address, NOT my regular one lolz. the purpose of me writing on this site is for pple to enjoy not edit! i hate it when pple do that cos im juss like, "so did u enjoy it or not?"... plus, the funnie this is that i cant name one fic of mine that i like...haha gosh, sometimes i think that i so badly need a new friggin life!!! i hate this one cos its so hard!!! lolz.. ack, u pple must keep one very important thing in mind about me though, i have major mood swings - its juss my personality. anyway, congrats for making it to the end of this 'all about me' bio...haha... peace

u noe, this is always here but everything is tru: Updates...my biggest problem on -.-...i have reasons though iight pples? lately, i've seem to forget - like everything. kinda like that thing that starts with an "A" - amesia? haha... but hoepfully it'll GO AWAY.. anywayz, i've also suddenly got a truckload of homework burying me! stupid teacher, she thinks student LOVE hwk like it was some sorta candy or sumthin..ARG... + i usually get big cases of writers block...its like, i hardly have anytime to spend nemore cos of my bz schedule (ARGH!) and whenever i do find time, i'd rather do somethin else...ugh... newayz - im out

"French Lessons" is being worked on...but its taking a lil long cuzzzzzzzz...I'M WORKIN ON A NEW FIC! lol...oka i noe wut ur thinking - im not gonna work on "French Lessons" - but dun worrie! i am. in fact, its almost ready =) but theres also a new fic in store (arent u lucky? lol) itz fo' now titled "Hugalton" and is about adjusting to life in a whole nother place. itz more 'real' like, reality, and it might be posted AFTER "French Lessons". keep ur eyez open...

'member: gots ta be Takari's Baybee

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