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Yup, my name has changed to a character I'm playing in a MW RPG, Kutari Hoshi/Hiatarri in Call of the Crystal! So, formerly Kami and Cosmic Angel and Midnight WolfAngel is now StarRuby!

Well, I luv writing fanfics and I do mostly crossovers. I like doing Gundam Wing/Sailor Moon crossovers, but it is still fun to write others! I'm currently working on an ORIGINAL story! Gaspo! When I'm not writing fanfics, I'm usually on the phone brainstorming with my pal, Lena, and creating new ideas for fanfics! When I'm in school and have free time, I dream up ideas. Actually, I do that anytime! I also like to watch the animes. My faves are Slayers, Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, Shamanic Princess, Gundam Wing, Tenchi, Evangelion... and a hell of a lot more. ^^; Pokemon is okay and so is Digimon... I'm just not that crazy about them. I also have a great time doing RPG bios and RPGing. Speaking of RPGing, check out a site I share with my friend: http:///Sirius

oh, and btw: I like flames! They decorate my e-mail! If you dun have something nice to say, I have something to show off!

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