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i. feel. obligated. to. tell. you. more. about. myself.

+ i shall state the obvious i am 20.
+ female.
+ majoring in the feild of medicine.
+ secretly wanting to be a English Lit Major. -as my En101 prof suggested i be
-but i spent a shitload of money on my major and i'm about halfway done.
so there is no apparent way to turn back time -and get back the money i've
+ i have this insane obssesion with stories/books that carry a one worded title.
+ i write poetry behind my patients notes and leave emo lines on the back
of recipts i have lying in the bottom of my bag.
+ irrelevent as it sounds, i have a goldfish whose been with me for a year and some
months now -and he still has no name.

~intentions clear as the vodka in your glass
but you always go home sober...
-- moi.


uploaded chapter 8, on Envy.

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