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+ UPDATE + 26/6/04

Okay, I am a slacker. I've scrapped WoF, because it basically sucked, but thankyou to those who took the time to review...in particular Draic, for continued support, and Jetso, for being my editor. There will be another WoF, of course, probably very much the same as the last, but hopefully not so craptacular. From the ashes, a new saga will arise, or something. I am committed to being a writer, but damn, I have a long way to go. Still, I think (hope?) that I am improving, just a little bit, maybe. Heh. Reviews of my Gothic Tale, just submitted, would be awesome. The language is quite ornate, as a lot of my other reviewers have said, but rest assured that it is meant to be like that, and I haven't just gone off my rocker. Cheers.


Finally got around to posting WoF. Please read and review!


Geez...I'm so sorry...I've kind of...forgotten about . It had completely left my mind until about an hour ago when I got an email from Draic who'd reviewed ItLS...thanks for that, BTW. Well, I've now uploaded the rest of the book...sorry for dumping it all at the one time, but like I said, I'd forgotten that this site even existed. So, anyways, ItLS is now finished and fully uploaded, finally. I got 97% for it when I got it back from the English teachers last week. Which is pretty bad really, but oh well, I still came top of English. Ha ha ha.

As promised, I do plan to start uploading 2TQ again. But I warn you that it barely even resembles the story that it once was. For one thing, it is now a completely original story with no connection to FFVIII. For another, it's now called Whispers of Fate, or the Gwynnium, depending on what my mood is. Characters include Gwyn White and Deimos Arillion, the same as those who feature in ItLS, as well as Faolan and Rajiv, who had a passing reference in ItLS, and some new characters, namely Linus, Bast and Circe. But don't worry too much about it right now. Let's just say that, unless I forget again, there'll be a new story uploaded over the next few weeks. Meh.


- Due to the sheer volume of homework that has accompanied the beginning of the school term, and my pending English major work, 2TQ will not be updated for an EXTREMELY long time, if ever. If I thought the story was actually POPULAR then I probably would have found time for it, but the abysmal number of reviews that it's received has convinced me that I'm just wasting my time. Heh. Like anyone cares anyway.

Still, you can read my English Major Work as I write it. It's an original story set in a post-Apocalyse world...interested yet? I doubt it. Ah well. Thankyou to all the kind people who took two minutes out of their day to review 2TQ...reading the (extremely rare) new reviews really added some colour to my day.

Update + 22/4/02

You know what? Stuff the schoolwork. I'd rather do a rewrite of 2TQ. As soon as the exams are over I'm gonna leap right into it. But be warned; there's gonna be some big plot changes. The title will be different, the characters will be different (Wyndie of course will still be there, but under a different name ^_^), in general it's gonna be a whole new zany adventure.

It's gonna be big...
It's gonna be exciting...
It's gonna be SOON...

Disclaimer: Don't quote me on that.

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