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Well, I'm just your (average girl genius? much as I'd like to quote Ken, no) normal fan fiction author, with a tendency to lovingly torture her fave characters.

http:///egoddess/ - Electric Goddess is my most recent contribution to the internet. A site dedicated to Iris from the Rockman X games.

Stories in progress:

Circle Game - An AU dealing with the CC's children, focusing not only on the kids, but the 01 and 02 CCs, as well. A mix of loose ends, new problems, redemption, demons and gods.

With the Wind at My Back - Multi-chapter adventure/fantasy for Yu-Gi-Oh! In medieval times, Anzu tries her best to escape a fate she doesn't know. A young man-child named Yugi, and his grandfather, Sugoroku, take her in. Lots of magic, and plenty of monsters here, including everyone's favorite characters. Major focus on Yugi and Anzu. Yugi+Anzu romance (like you were expecting something else with the prior premise), and possible Honda+Shizuka hints. Natural Jounochi+Mai hints, because they make me smile.

Future Imperfect - Multi-chapter AU Rockman X story focusing on when Zero wakes up from the statis he's put in. As much as you hope the future will be all you need, rarely is anything perfect.

Stories in works:

Retreat - A one shot comedy of all 12 CC going on a survival retreat, and split into two teams. Mild hints of Yamasora and Kenmiya.

Digimon: Inverse - Old ideas of mine being blended into this multi chapter action/drama. It's two years after 02 ended, and everyone in this universe has their own digimon. In another world though, life isn't so grand. The Kaiser is still making life miserable, but he's not in charge. Only three Chosen are still alive, and they're... evil?! Only one person stands in evil's way, and he needs help. And it comes in the form of... Jun? Be prepared for Shuun (Shuu x Jun), hints of Osun, and brutal Kaikai. What's Kaikai? You'll find out.

Splintered - A newlywed Miyako gets into an accident, causing her to lose all her memories past the time she and the others were fighting the Digimon Kaiser. How will she handle being an adult, when her last memories were that of a twelve year old? And, more importantly, how will she handle being married to a man she sees as the enemy? Casual mention of Yamasora (following canon), possible mention of Daicath, and very angsty Kenmiya.

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