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Heya, sweet children of mine. :)

(Just listened to much at GunNroses... if you can do that)

Sitting here smiling to myself.
No reason really, just living a (oh so!)sweet life in ignorence.

Told a mormon that and he said: "Yeah sure. Good," and left. Hehe that's how ye deal with those... godly morons.

Don't get me wrong!
I got no problems with people believing in God but I disslike people who
1: Tries to foist their religion upon others, and
2: Use their religion as an exuse to act like murderous svages and total fools.

There! Finally made that official! Feeling calmer now...

Hey! Is there anyone who knows how ye can help a person with anorexia, my friend got it see? And ye just don't know what to do. So if you got an idea please tell me, ok?

Wow this id getting depressing. On to other things.

Following people are on my favourite author list:

Leannan: A real good writer! And a sweetheart too. If ye like poetry-like writing she got it.
Exemples of stories:
FF7:Sanguine depth's: Rufus/Tifa
FF8:The way it started: Siefer/Squall
O.poetry: The hands of a child

Lady Tempest: One of THE best angst-writers ever! Writes both fanfiction and o.stories. And both are just as good! Love her o.characters: Issai and Sasha.
Ex. of stories:
FF8: The Bloodcross Key: Seifer/Squall
O.story: The Taurus Key: Issai/Sasha

Fenice Evangelista: A really cool writer. Absolutely love her poetry!But she write other stuff too.
Ex of stories:
FF7:I Bet You Would Never Hear Them Say.. :Rufus/Reno
O.poetry: America

Athena:A brilliant writer! One of the first fanfics I ever read was Rufus and Cloud and it's still one of my favourites. After all this time I still can't keep from crying during the last part.
Ex of stories:
FF7: Rufus and Cloud: Ruf/Cloud(brothers not yaoi)
FF8: Burnt: Seifer, Squall, Quisty (friends)
FF7/8/t:The insane: Rufus, Seifer, Algus(not yaoi)
She's also written a ton of digimon stories but I haven't read them so...

Bailamos: A really good writer and a fellow ice-skating(Alexei Yagudin) fan. More people really sould watch the ice-skating. If ye saw Alexei you'd see what I mean.*blows a kiss at Bailamos for being one of the few enlighten ones*
Ex of stories:
FF7: No love lost between them: Seph/Tseng/Zack

Black beyond: A great poetry writer. Wish I could write poetry like this( it'd do wonders with my english grade :) )
Ex of stories:
O.poetry:Scythe in Her Hand
Also write loads of Sailor moon and Gundam fanfics!

Other authors you could check in on and find marvelous work at is for example:

Yuffie143, anime fearie, Vanyel Ashkevron, Sniffles, Mally, J.Marie, purple penguin, kezzer, Alex Fry, Lady Kala, korichan... and more that I can't remember right now. Wonder if I've reviewed their stories... I always forget that! Promise! At least 5 out of 10 times I forget to review stories.

That's all for now, mes amies. Keep safe! Now I gotta go do my homework... Ouch... :)

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