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I think I am way overdue for a bio update. I'm still a female cat-type, Scorpio (Nov.2), mystic, and I will always be a die hard romantic. Some things just can't be helped..

I've been suffering from some serious writers block for awhile now. I'm only just learning how to put everything into words again. I'm finally starting to remember how to write. So Hopefully I'll be updating more often again. Expect mostly poetry from me for awhile.

A big 'thank-you' to everyone who reads & reviews my work. It really means a lot, and I appreciate it.
Also, A special thanks to Jaclyn. If you don't go and read her work then you must be insane. She's an amazing writer, perhaps the best on FFN. No, I know she's the best.

350 plus reviews, and still rising. God, I love you guys! What would I do without you? lol, thank you so much! ;)

Hunt's Luck, and Dai stihó

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