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"Even if this place goes poof, our hearts ain't goin' nowhere."

-Goofy, Kingdom Hearts

Name: Raiegki Leviathan
AKA: The Anti-Riku and Anti-Kairi Disney Dog; Patrion Goddess of Kingdom Hearts
Gender: Female
Species: Grassrunner (Dog-girl)
Age: 14 years
Birthdate: 12/25/88
Current Residence: Nomadic, moves from place to place, currently wandering around Halloween Town
Hometown: Unknown, suspected to be Traverse Town
Quote: "Duh, I'm a female dog!"

UPDATES: I removed my Breath of Fire IV Personality Horrorscopes because FF.N has been taking down every horrorscope I write, and well, I've gone too far to get this account deleted.

Accomplishments: 12/20/02 - Hit 100 reviews for Bonds That Break! Thanks, guys!

~*~Favorite Couplings~*~

Hey, everyone's got a list like this. :)

Note: Couples listed as dominant one in relationship first.

Non Yaoi/Yuri

Zidane/Dagger (Final Fantasy IX) Who doesn't like this one? :)
Freya/Amarant (Final Fantasy IX) Just because. ^_^
Eiko/Vivi (Final Fantasy IX) Because they're cute! ^_^
Tio/Roan (Grandia II) Isn't it obvious? ^_^
Millenia/Ryudo (Grandia II) 'Cause they're better than Elena/Ryudo. :P
Shorty/Strike (Bust-A-Move/Groove) I love opposites attract couples. ^_^
Coco/Dingodile (Crash Bandicoot) You can blame my cousin for this one. She is sooo into this couple, that I like it, too. ^_^ And the opposites attract thing...
Kagome/Inu-Yasha (Inu-Yasha) ^_^ just ^_^
Miroku/Sango (Inu-Yasha) Let's give the little pervert what he wants, eh?
Shade/Marina (Silverwing) It's a book.
Kiaran/Garon (Neopets) I'm surprised no one's thought of this yet.
Rose/Dr_Death (Neopets) Gotta love this one.
Ruki/Jenrya (Rika/Henry) (Digimon) I LOVE THIS ONE!!! I don't think Ryuki or Rukato would work. Rika would kill them both. Henry and Jeri's really the only people she can somewhat stand.
Jerkato (Jeri/Takato) (Digimon) HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE IT!?
Mishorio/Koumi (Mimi/Koushorio (Izzy)) (Digimon) KOUMI ROCKS!
Gatomon/Gabumon (Digimon) I don't remember why, I just know they're cute together! I'm gonna write a GabuGato someday. (GatoPat and VeeGato doesn't work in my mind...it just doesn't. Besides, it would be better if neither of them got the beautiful Gatomon, ne?)
RenaGuil/GuilRena (Renamon/Guilmon) (Digimon) I don't like Rukato, but I ADORE RENAGUIL!
Yuffie/Leon (Squall) (Kindom Hearts) HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE THIS?
Aerith/Cloud (Kingdom Hearts) Mostly because Tifa's not in KH...


PataVee/VeePata (Patamon/Veemon) (Digimon) C'mon! You know they're just using Gatomon as an excuse to be with each other!
Takori/Iorikeru (Takeru/Iori (Cody)) (Digimon) Heck, I like this so much, I named one of my Neopets after it. Iorikeru the Zafara. :) No, my Zafara is STRAIGHT.
Heero/Quatre OR Quatre/Heero (Gundam Wing) I can't decide who would be dominant. ^_^
Duo/Wufei (Gundam Wing) I love this one.
Yugi/Yami Yugi (Yu-Gi-Oh!) Cuteness.
Ryou Bakura/Yami Bakura (Yu-Gi-Oh!) More cuteness.
Cray/Scias OR Scias/Cray (Breath of Fire IV) I accidently invented this. ^_^
Mai/Tea (Yu-Gi-Oh!) Where'd this come from...?
Jhudora/Illusen (Neopets) IT'S SO OBVIOUS!

For all you Kingdom Hearts people, I don't think Sora is mature enough for a relationship, so I don't think he belongs with anyone. Not Riku, not Kairi. (Well, my hatred for both Riku and Kairi kinda plays a role in this, but Sora just isn't ready for love yet!)

Likes: RPGs, Crash Bandicoot, to torture archenemy, Donald and Goofy (Rakasha: RIKU AND KAIRI SUCK!) *slaps Rakasha* er...other stuff.

Hates: Riku and Kairi from Kingdom Hearts. (PLLLLLEEEAAAAASSSSEEEEEEE don't kill me, Riku and Kairi fans! I'm sorry, but I just can't STAND them!) Whoever bashes Yaoi/Yuri because it's "wrong". Grow up, people! It's a part of life! Just because you don't have a life, it doesn't mean you have to hate someone for their personality! Oh, People who are uneasy, but respect other's opinions is OK. My archenemy.

Planned for the future:


And thus ends my incredibly long bio. ^_^

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