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Hello, I'm Dexstrosity the "LdOFDestruction" I'm a guy and about 6'2" (No weight, lets just say I kinda look like Junpei/J.P ^_^). I write stories and review good ones. Mostly romance stories on Digimon Tamers. Tamers is my favorite series so far. Frontier is catching up, but I will always love Tamers. I take some requests, just e-mail me and I'll consider your idea. Sorry, I don't really like Yaoi or Yuri (except for Renuki), I don't really read them and I perfer not to write them. Drop me a line on Instant Messanger if you want to talk. I have read some great stories on ...check out my favorite ones in "Favorite Stories."

Fan of: Digimon (FAVORITE, particulary Tamers), Dexter's Laboratory, Ranma 1/2, Love Hina, and other assorted animes

Favorite couples: Renalee(RenamonxLee)(FAVORITE), GuilmonxRenamon, Renuki (RenamonxRuki), Rukato(TakatoxRuki), Leeki(LeexRuki), Leeri(LeexJuri), and Tajuri (TakatoxJuri).
Those are most of the couples possible isn't it? But I'm more partial to Rukato and Renalee. Also, I favor the idea of crossbreeding and HumanxDigimon pairings. Expect to see A LOT of crossbreeding and HumanxDigimon romances. Especially RENALEE and some other ones I'm thinking of...

One more thing: There is only one Digimon_02 couple I really favor, its Sokeru (SoraxTK). Don't ask why, I really don't know why...

Favorite Tamer: RUKI/RIKA!

Favorite Digidestined: Izzy/Koushiro (guess because he's a computer geek like i am...well sort of ^^;; And he has Motimon ^_^)

Favorite Digimon: RENAMON(!) Yashamon/Yasyamon

Stories I am currently working on*

Flower Assassin-Check it out, Lillymon Fan fic. I will continually work on this fic even WITH "Mating Season."

Meet Dexter with a Secret Laboratory-Dexter's Laboratory/Ranma 1/2 crossover (ON HOLD RIGHT NOW)

Mating Season-Renalee lemon. My first lemon, check it out if you so desire. Chapters take a while for me to write.

Digimon Tamers: Neo Kaiser Saga-My crossover! Check it out if you desire.

*Coming Soon/Thoguhts in consideration*

Hybrid Story: This will probably be the sequel to "Mating Season" revolving around Renamon and Lee's son.

Beelzebumon spinoff: Also a branch from "Mating Season." Still brainstorming for it.

The Legend of Dexstrosity-original story i was thinking of because I've been called that for a while now...

*Recently Completed*

A Romance Two World's Apart (3 CHAPTERS)-Renalee Romance Story, other couples: read to find out!

Ruki's Sacrifice for Romance (5 CHAPTERS)-Rukato story. It was my first story and is sort of rusty, but alright nonetheless. Other couples: RenamonxGuilmon, Leeuri.

Secret Invitation (ONE SHOT)-Valentine's Day special. Many couples, check it out.

Terriermon's Journey for Love (6 CHAPTERS)-Antylamon/Terriermon Romance story, as well as Leeki and RenamonxGuilmon

Eight Years of Holding Back - Ruki's Special Gift: Leeki Lemon I did as a request. Very long, but well done. (IMO) Other couples: TaJuri (TakatoxJuri), RenaGuil (RenamonxGuilmon)

*Special Notes*


One Note: On "Secret Invitation," I made up what happened to Leomon, I seriously didn't know what happened to him after that incident. Also, I do not really know how they got Juri back. I'M SORRY FOR NOT POINTING THAT OUT!

"Meet Dexter with a Secret Laboratory..." is ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. I can't think of anything for it, I'm sorry for those fans...

My Website is up! Please check it out and don't forget to sign the Guestbook! Please!

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