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holy~ this is so weird, I never even knew I had an account here at fictionpress ever since it started. I mean, I read stories here but always thought myself lazy to go and create an account, little did I know one was already created for me.

Hmm...*shrug* I guess it's less work on my part then.

I'm never had much of a talent to write original stories, I write fanfiction a lot. Inspiration has struck me too many times to count, but I've never actually found a time to set myself to work and actually write or type it out. I guess it's just hard for me to pull out an entire plot as well as well-done charactization all at once, it would take me too long, not to mention just thinking about it scares me.

I'll always enjoy reading other people's stories though, I'll always find it amazing how much talent for writing people have here. The imagination is such a beautiful thing, our human minds work so wonderfully too to take an idea and craftily create it into something everyone can enjoy.

Reading really takes the breath out of me sometimes.

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