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empress of the dark abyss
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"Welcome to nowhere and finding where it is."
Ï love my parents but go against merely everything they stand for."-Kurt Cobain
"Punk rock means freedom."-Cobain
"I take pieces of others personality to make my own." -Cobain

HOBBIES: listening to music, playing the guitar, singing, reading, writing, drawing, riding horses.

FAVE ACTOR- Johnny Depp

FAVE FOOD- somewhere between everything and tacos.

LEAST FAVE FOOD- sushi-- thats shit is nasty. i would kill myself if i had to eat that.

FAVE BANDS- blink-182,the matches, offset, afi, korn, trapt, shinedown, smile empty soul, acdc, puddle of mudd. i'll listen to anything, music is music. but of coarse, i have my fave type- rock/punk rock.

HATE: hypocrites, liars, tightwads, know-it-all-i-got-straight-A's-and-a-good-boyfriend-little-miss-prissy- type of girl,my moms asswipe boyfiends, pop, hip hop, goody-goodies, my brother, complainers(even though i do my share!, posers, people who do stuff because they know they can get away with it, colds, winters, snow, periods(yes, sorry, i said the p-word!). the list could go on and on...if you really, really wanna know, email me and i will send you more...you get the jist and jingle though.

FAVE MOVIES- queen of the damned, underworld, legend of sleepy hollow, butterfly effect, lotr(all, but three was awesome!)...

NOTE-- i am sorry. sometimes it takes me a while to get stuff up. i am one of those people who write when they are in the "mood". Also, i know some of it is not really in the "poetry" catigory, but it is how i feel and it is just the way i write it. and if your mad about it, i am not really sorry because it is just the way i am.

IRON CLAD rules of reviewing
1. act mature. don't leave a review like one i got on my account: Up ur A* This story sucks, it's purly unoriginal, and has been drove a couple 1000 feet into the ground. It sucks. Up ur a* that's immature, and does not help the author. Flames are irrelevant. i will read them, as long as there is at least a grain of help in it. if you leave one that says I hate this, it's unorigonal, your characters osund like mary sues, i wish you would fix that, and check your spelling, it would be better, whish this could happen, but you are too stupid to understand. Okay. a little bit of hate. fine, i'll take it in stride, it pointed out things you thought could change it for the better. Tada, there in lies the problem, flamers don't bother half the time. If you don't like it, tell me what you don't like! Or offer your services as a beta, like my wonderful Beta, Marie, did.

2. no profanity, please, i'm tired or getting locked off the review page by the stupid parental controls because of profanity. It's ridiculous. It's pointless, and i see no reason to spew such foul language at an author that is trying his or her best to do it right.

3. if you flame me with obscene language, or insult me profoundly, i WILL NOT throw a fit, scream and cry, and give in, got it? I will ban you, or take it off. Do we understand? *Everyone nods* Good.

4. leave critisim i can not restate this enough. I like people like winterfox and marie, some are harsh, but they CRITICIZE, they don't just pout and say it sucks. They TELL ME WHAT'S WRONG. Hint Hint.

5. if you don't like it from the sound of the summary, don't go in, read a bit, then say, well i gave it a shot, even though i KNEW it would be pathetic. I don't want you to "give it a shot" you don't like it, don't read it just to flame, and get a kick out of enraging the author/authoress.

Thanks for listening, and if you follow these rules, i will be pleased. if not, like i said, you insult me or leave deragoatory comments on the board, i will simply block or take you off..

also, i thank those of you who read and leave constructive critisism, 0r truly like the story! I love people like u, and i can absolutly not type tonight!


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