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I am a banana...

umm you mean this was supposed to make sense?

Ok I'd better add some sensible bio then. I'm a 20 year old girl, I live in London, but I'm studying English at Oxford University.

I've lost! (Is there anyone else out there playing The Game?)

I like slash, although I'm not so good at writing it, or at least writing it without getting so embarassed that I then have to immediately delete it... So no NC17. (Not that anyone's alowed to post NC17 anymore) But watch out for an abundance of slashy fluff.

I'm bad at writing reviews. So I appologise in advance... or possibly belatedly, depending on whether I've reviewed your stuff yet or not...

I have a slight obsession with angels. This is going to become more aparant as I start posting some original fics.

I vaguely said to myself when I first started posting stuff here that I wouldn't post any original poetry, cos it just seemed far too... poncy. And over-intellectual.
But my Inner Poet seems to have taken over (it's mostly sheer lunacy's fault), and so be prepared for some fairly random poetry in the near future.

Ok, I seem not to have posted anything for a long time. I had a very clear idea of where I was going with a sequel for In Over My Head, but since then I've read a comic from the middle of the next Hellblazer story arc, which looks like it might well make the story I was going to write slightly out of character. So I'm waiting for the next graphic novel to come out before I finish and post that.

Anyone who is interested in my football (soccer) slash fic can now find it at http:// where a sequel to 'To Wear the Captain's Armband' has now been posted.

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