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A Lullaby of a Deserted Hell
Here in my abandoned, desolate prison,

my voice echoes infinitely as I cry out in despair.
This sorrowful melody which speaks of emptiness,
this is my personal lullaby,
unheard and unsung through the ages.
Lost within my deserted hell,
salvation, sanctuary, and safety are all words
whose utterance bears no meaning.
Time marches on and leaves casualties in its wake
and for them, and for my own sake,
I sing this song of unheard prayers.
Still, the hands of the clock continue
in a pace and rhythm as unending as my misery-
as unyielding and unforgiving as the sun
which shines upon the barren desert of my heart.
It wasn't so long ago, now,
when the darkness was still a stranger to me,
but when faced with the unlikely wish I hold inside,
the reality of the situation is in sharp focus
and it hurts more and more deeply with every cut.
If I allow myself to be fooled by the false promises
which this world offers up so freely,
then I know we will meet again one day
and together we will sing the melodies no one knows
with the words that have never been spoken-
songs with no voice or purpose
and words with meanings that the sands of time forgot.
We will sing our transient harmonies together
as we dance beneath the soothing, silvery light of the moon,
our voices echoing eternally in this deserted hell.

The Twilight Necromancer

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