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This is the author's feeling about writer's block -- I have mixed feeling about it itself, but a number of people have reviewed it, and so I'll keep it up for now to see what others think.

The 'The' Series:
All the stories so far with 'the' as the first word are connected by at least the appearance of the blunt ax, black machete, and/or the sharp-angled answering machine. My anonymous partner helped with most of these tales, so thanks, anonymous partner!

The Words of the Ring -- a humorous retelling of The Lord of the Rings (which I love). The Title is very subject to change, but the first chapter is up!.

I've been told my name is Christopher (whether I believe that that particular appellation is true or not bears little relevance to the topic at hand). You may refer to me as Christopher, Chris, Snowshoe Hare, or anything else that suits your fancy and isn't openly obscene. I've been called Blomin, Duggy Wuggy, Lord Wuffleberrry the Just, Vlad the Impaler, Chitch, The Great Piscator of the Deeps, and other names as well, so don't feel shy.

I am the co-author of a couple stories that I have posted here which are all connected in sometimes logical ways, as you'll find out if you read them. I would prefer not disclosing my age (but I will anyway -- I'm fifteen), but, as you may have inferred, I am male. I enjoy classical music, books, guinea pigs, and, of course, writing. Just like everyone else that I've seen on the site, I would appreciate feedback on my stories, and I do practice reciprocity -- if you read and review my works, I will at least read some of yours (depending on the subject, writing quality, length, and number), assiming you have some, and if I have anything to say, I shan't keep my mouth shut (for better or worse).

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