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Ah, here is eCappuccino, a girl the age somewhere between a 10 year old brat signing up under a false age and a seventy year old old lady living the lie of youth. Even if this author gave you sensible answer, you'd have no way of confirming it, would you? If you want more juicy personal details, please visit her homepage. But if you're curious (or lazy), please read on about eCappuccino in this consolidated bio basically about eCappuccino's low morals and high maintanence.

About eCappuccino: she is a fan of irony and twisted humour as well as wit and sarcasm. She likes to be slightly nonsensical once in a while but doesn't mind taking the mickey out of herself. She dreams of one day being published. Preferably before she dies although publication after death will probably mean more fame.

eCappuccino also appears in , sister site of under a different name and writes as sloppily and as unrealistically as she wishes there, safely hidden amongst a of other fangirls who may be good writers (or bad), but have the common theme of obsessive content. Then eCappuccino can safely go on in her writing without damaging her reputation. Oh, yes, did eCappuccino mention that she is an incredably shallow person although at the centre of her soul, she is more jealous than anything else?

Never mind, now you know. That does not mean to say that eCappuccino is not nice however. She gives constructive criticism, never flames. That sometimes takes a little self control, but in very rare cases when she gets abuse back from the author.

--Note: Please do not do this to your critics. They will bite back with their teeth sharpened. To all you hurt writers, it is better to be more subtle about your revenge tactics. Take it from a pro of both criticising and observing criticism. Strangely, hardly anybody gives eCappuccino any criticism OR flames. She would prefer constructive criticism above all else. But if you are desperate for something to say, flame her if you want. She will, of course, read and delete. After all, we all want our egos blown as big as it'll go don't we?

eCappuccino is starting to find it weird typing in third person, and being named after a coffee which happens to be a cyber coffee thus the 'e'. This make her nervous. She would like to remind her readers that she is not drinkable and has not cut her nails for a long time so they will leave scars.

That is all. Have a nice day. Do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars.

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