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hey, peoples! i'm really sweet, pretty, awesome, and just an all-around wonderful person!!!!!! ok, really now. i don't like donughts or spinach or caviar or any of those rich-people foods (even seafood) but other than that, i like everything. same for music. you put anything in that CD player and i'll dance and be all happy no matter what. but my fave group is cross movement (if you havent heard them, you havent lived. GET A CD NOOOOW!) i am NOT happy-go-lucky i only seem like that because i'm weird right now. i'm 15, live in * (yes, i'm one of those paranoid people) and i AM NOW SINGLE! (hey, guys, it's open season... send a pic and we can hook up!) jk, i hate those "find your true love" things like telepersonals and such. i'll go for guys in my school, thanks. we have plenty. hehe... i like venting. Todia is my elvish name. (yup, LOVE LotR). i have 3 GREAT friends (luv you aj, andrea, an' phebe!) they're really great. if you wanna read their stories, andrea's pn is RIA, and phebe is girl2000. i'm on the dance team at my school with phebe, it's kewl. bball is good, vb SUCKS!!!!!!!! sorry everyone. i have a natural grudge. ever since... ok, so i don't have a real reason!!!!!!! don't ask. i'm always writing (even when i SHOULD be doing homework) the only problem is i don't like typing them up later, so it may be awhile till i get some stories up. that's all! luv 2 ya, sistas!!!!!!! (Ooooooooh!!!!!!! coloooooooooors!!!!!) troy? shut. up. we ALL KNOW what you're going to say. no colors, pitch black, blah blah blah. please just leave me alone. we all know you're obsessed with me! a lot of people from my school go on ffn, too, only to read my stories and make fun of them. it makes me cry! ='( currently i'm learning japanese (slowly but surely) from an exchange student named Saki. she's really nice, but maybe a little too mellow for me. but i wouldn't have her any other way! im a very luvable person =). the funnest guy to hang out with is drew because he loves to confuse people. i would never date him because i'd have to go to the bathroom every five minutes from laughing too hard, but he's a good guy. also very cute. and while im talking about cute guys from my school, throw damon in! (jk). he goes on here so i'm not going to comment on his looks... ok, i will. he's average. (hah! now you can't tell everyone i have a crush because i didn't say you were cute!!!!! *makes faces at him*) anyway, my favorite quotes are from cross movement, they are:
"but you can't love both, believe me you'll choke taking deep breaths in Heaven while in Hell and Hell's smoke."
"how you gonna try and praise the Most High when you know your native tongue is alive?"
"even deamons tried to say "Son a' God, what up?" Jesus would turn ice-grill an' say "shut up.""
"You can hide behind lies, but can't hide fruit." (in case you're unfamiliar with the Bible, "fruit" is a person's actions. as in "a bad tree produces bad fruit" (a bad person does bad things) "but a good tree produces good fruit" (a good person does good things)
" 'cause the True God don't need an upgrade like your pentium... why can'tcha meet the needs of this millenium?" (the answer is because it's always changing, but God is always the same).
"if it's real, then you can smell leather." (fake and real leather look similar, but you can still tell the difference, like how believers and unbelievers may seem the same, but on Judgement Day it'll be so clear who's following God's will and who isn't)
and the theme song for lizzie mcguire has really good words. i think they really apply to life, and TV stars and rich people especially:
"if you believe that we've got a picture-perfect world, we've got you fooled 'cause we only do the best we can. Sometimes we make it. Sometimes we fake it. But we get one step closer each and every day. We'll figure it out on the way."

and remember, Confusia says-
"One who stands on a toilet is high on pot."
"One who farts in church sits in his own pew."
"One who goes to bed with an itchy butt wakes up with a stinky finger."

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