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"The goal of a good writer is to satisfy the audience. The goal of a great writer is to expand the reader's imagination, e.g., take the work to new levels." CC Lea

So, it's update time...again.I am back in school for another year and a semester so I'll be trying to post intermittently throughout that time. Life is pretty hectic! Anyway, as soon as I have a chance to work on the series below I will be posting new chapters in the Stalkers and a new story in the Dark Ones series. I'm withholding the Destined series until I've completely posted the others. Anyway, still loving the writing and enjoying the reviews! Have a great day.

I want to thank everyone for their patience. I was computer-less all summer (2005) and have started an internship that eats up a lot of time. I will start posting again as soon as I have time to type again! Oh, this may sound strange, but if you find editing errors or whatever, it would be helpful for me to know as I am working on revising the Stalkers series and perhaps turning them into a "submissable" novel. :)

Coming Soon:
The rest of the Stalkers series
The Dark Ones
The Destined series

Coming later:
A little elvish fantasy and swordplay. Stay tuned for more details!

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