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Hey, you guys, it's me Navaura here and I just want to let you know that I am currently working on updating everything on my page, including my writing. I am going to remove Finding Peace, because after reading through it, I realize that the story is not that well put together and although it has a mixture of good writing, good plot and idea, it doesn't match what I wrote regarding the high school version of Denise and Jordan's relationship. I've changed some things in All signs point to you and a little things for it's sequel. I am going to completely rewrite Vanessa and Tamarah's story, since they are the two obvious characters. I've already began their novel. This will focus more on the both of them than Jordan and Denise, even though they will be in it. This new edition will be different and give you more of an accurate portrayal of what has happened with Vanessa and Tamarah's friendship. It will also introduce you to Tommy, Timothy and Kalen. I don't know if Jerome will reprise his role, but I do know that this will be one heck of a story when it's done. Way better written and I have not gotten a good title for it. I called it broken. It will have christian themes but not be as dramatic as it was before. There are alot of things I'm more aware of regarding life, now that I'm eight years older than I was when I wrote it and I have completed Jordan and Denise's story, it will be easier to complete the story of their daughter and get the facts straight. :) So I encourage all who are interested to take a peak at the new story of Vanessa and Tamarah and see how you guys like it. Yes, her parents are in it because they have to be. Anyway, have a great day and God bless you all. :)

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