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I can't even stand to look at 9/10ths of this stuff anymore.

My forays into fanfiction, and (perhaps?) the good literary college air, have done the impossible: they have taught me the value of small 250-word drabbles. Most of these are just moody pieces inspired by something I saw or thought or felt, or just by the fact that I was up so late the preceding night. Check them out anyway, and do review, especially if you favorite the story in question.

Also, I'm gonna be editing Healer of Hearts slowly and inexorably as I continue to not-update. For a start, those long Author's Notes have got to go. For another start, those long paragraphs have got to be broken up. This hain't sixth grade no mo', kiddoes. I meanz business. I will, however, leave the obtuse writing be for the time being. I was trying for a particular form, which just happened to be about two centuries outdated, but which nonetheless is not completely without merit. After all, Healer of Hearts is about seeing into the minds of the characters, and that means following their laborious and elaborate trains of thought. It's not realistic, it's a world unto itself. But I'll keep it that way, like I said.

Don't forget to check out my other works at fanfiction.net/~magentian! Things are slightly more alive-'n'-kickin' over there.

Have a nice day!

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