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Name: Christine
Age: 20
Location: Canada

A little about me

Not that I think anyone particularly knows or cares but I have removed all my work from here. None of it has been updated in years and I had no intentions of returning to it. I do plan to write and I've got a few ideas jotted down that I've been tweaking with. I'm a Canadian, fourth year student finishing off her in Animal Biology with plans to attend vet school next year if they accept me. Like most vet hopefuls I am an avid animal lover but I also quite enjoy reading and have a small library that seems to grow each year I spend at school. Some of my favourite authors include: Stephanie Meyer, Anne Bishop, Patricia Briggs, Dan Brown, Laurell K. Hamilton, Kelley Armstrong, David Clement Davies, Kate Forsyth, and Caitlinn Brennan although I am always on the hunt for good fiction particularly over the summer when it gets quiet for me. Besides reading I am an active equine enthusiast, I've dabbled in most of the english disciplines and have finally found my calling in eventing, something which may colour any future work as horses for the past few years now have become a large part of my life. Besides hunting through bookstores I also enjoy looking through FP for promising works and quite enjoy shadowing and watching for updates (as stalker-ish as that sounds), its unfortunate the level of plagarism that has arisen and has plagued these authors recently.

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