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A lot of the stories on here are things that are or were tries to be cowritten by us three wonderific and Canadian authors: Tarnished Oversoul, Lady Venom, And GS who I don't think is going to touch part three of Shriek for me. You know what, I don't think the girl has done anything but be a shamelss plug! (GS: Update: I have contributed :p)

OOOOHH! And coming soon is another author that has just been newly introduced to anime and shockingly loves yaoi too! Yay!

A little bit about us: TO:We all love anime, though I know I prefer magna, and all have an interest in learning as many different languages as our tiny brains can manage... The best movies ever have got to be Shrek, Moulin Rouge, The Princess Bride, THe Wizard of Oz, Spaceballs, Strange Brew and Ferris Bueller's Day Off, so expect anime parodies on them. Venom writes mostly angst, GS writes angst and humour, ditto moi. I'm fifteen and the other two are pretty close, so we having some will-be great writing coming on... And that's about all I have to say about us.

Venom: We love rock music and we're all insane so beware of sudden twists, we're all big fans of pwp...(T.O.- not porn without plot, hentai perves!) Finally I've decided to update this page...We have a new mwmber to the Anime Avengers...Immortal Muse!!!!!

TO: Hey, I took a lot of stuff down cause I didn't like them (and they were mine?) and I didn't want to focus on them. I don't think that it'll be a problem cause no one reviewed anyhow.

GS: Time for me... I like to post stories on here that I'm too afraid too on my name so most unnamed author stuff, is probably me. And yes, yes, shameless plug, read my read author name! History; I've been writing for...must be 3 years, posting here for about 2 1/2. Pokemon to begin, Gundam to date. Angst is my specailly. Cho, my angst muse, works over time. I horse-back ride and many of my injuries leave me computer-illiterate so yea. :):):) (PS: I'm the HTML one!)

Updates...As of September 1st 2002

New Gundam Fic Detention! Co wirtten by Immortal Muse and Lady Venom!!

Enjoy Our Stories!!

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