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"It is always the genius in society that is labeled the lunatic." - Rain (me)As a person moves forward in life, they must let go of some of the things that they once held dear. Like this profile, for example. It was once a shrine to my hyperactivity and my desperate efforts to make people laugh. Now it is nothing but a memory.
That girl disappeared long ago. It is time for this calm, observant teenager that stands in her place to introduce herself on a site worshiped by her predecessor.

My name is Rain. You can interpret this nickname any way you want. Some people think that it means I am a dark cloud that hovers overhead, spoiling the lives of any who cross my path. Others think that it means I give people life, and that I wash away all the pain and the tears that have been left behind.

I just think it's a cool name.

If you want to know more about me, take a look at my GreatestJournal: http:///userinfo.bml?user=tree_of_silence. I update it on a regular basis.

One of my greatest flaws is my tendency to be easily addicted. I'm the kind of person who can't have just one drink; I have to get completely smashed. If I want it, I want it now, and I want a lot of it. If it makes me feel good in the moment, then, even if I get hurt in the long run, I come back for even more later.

A Short List of My Obsessions

- Dragonball Z
- Antonio Banderas
- Hayden Christensen
- Elephant
- Escaflowne
- Wolf's Rain
- Harry Potter
- Dalmatians
- Movies
- Collections
- Trigun
- Fight Club

If I fall behind on updating, send me an e-mail; I check it daily.

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