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My story, The Reality of Fairy Tales, is now available for sale so...sorry, guys - I can't leave it up here anymore. However for those who've said you'd buy a copy if it was in book form, here's your chance. For those who have already purchased a copy, words can't express what it means to me. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again.

Get the book in paperback on CreateSpace, the Amazon store, or the Kindle Lending Library: The Reality of Fairy Tales

I've also taken down Cupid In the Rain while I wrap it up. It will be available through CreateSpace, as well as the second Reality book.

I'm working on The Reality of Happily Ever After right now. Here's a short synopsis:

"Yes, a lot has happened to and between us since that day, but every fairy tale has to end, even the real ones. So in that spirit I'll tell you this: Devon and I are living happily ever after... Boy that sounds nice. Of course when it come to the reality of Happily-Ever-After, well, that's another story."

The Reality of Fairy Tales introduced the world to Chastane "Chase" McAllen and Devon Dunn. Between Chase's murky past, Devon's predetermined future, and circumstances neither could control until they took them on together, they managed to end a patriarchal empire and fall in love. But empires rarely fall without consequences...

The Dunn pharmaceutical conglomerate is now on the brink of insolvency, and Devon is forced to come back into the "family business" to save both the company and himself. He hates being a CEO after teaching for nearly a decade, but he finds the re-insinuation of his family and old enemies is worse. And Chastane is the most painful reminder of why.

Chase has turned personal tragedy into a pathological devotion to commercial and charity projects of every scope and scale. She never believed Devon would re-insinuate his old life onto her, nor would she have ever imagined she would be the one to force his hand to do so even as their marriage barely hangs on by a legal thread.

Now to save themselves each will navigate new challenges, unlock secrets not yet revealed, and finally resolve all that was left undone when they began. They will join forces in a way they never intended when their life together began a decade earlier, and certainly not as that life was ending. But it will give them one last chance to see if there is enough of "them" left to save their once fairy tale marriage.

Updates and other info on my website: http:///index

Look for it to come out soon!

Thanks to all - Celeste

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