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Why do I write fanfiction? That's a really good question, and I wish I knew the answer. I started because I had read enough horrible examples of H/Hr, that I finally decided to prove everyone wrong.
I think I did.
I don't mean to sound prideful, but I got a general pleased reaction to the first seven chapters of my fic. (They can hardly be conceived as 'chapters' per se, because they were a little over a page a piece.) Why I continued with it, I know that too... My suitemate, Stinky, urged me on...(The fic was designed to be only 7 chapters long) And then after that, I wrote because it was rude to leave things hanging.

But now, after tonight (1-23-03, 6:31pm), after this evening, wherein I had just read such a fantastic example of fanfiction, I think I have found my purpose.
And it is this:
I want to write something so good, whether it be angsty, fluffy, full of adventure and suspense or whatever, I want to write something that the reader will think about after he or she has finished. I want to touch someone like the fic I read touched me. I want you to look blankly at your screen, hungry for more. I want my readers to feel the humble quiet I experienced this evening. I want you to feel that good.

And from now on, what I write will try to fulfill that. I don't know if I possess the talent or the ability, but I promise you what I post will be a whole-hearted attempt at quality. I mean that.

Thanks for reading.


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