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April 01/2007

I did some spring cleaning. And believe me, it hurt me more than it hurt you. I'm also painfully aware that it may drop my readership. But it needed to be done - those stories were all situation and no plot, and all ideas and not proper desering execution and representation of them.

April 06/2007

YAY. New Short Story! Experimenting.

I'm a bit in love with it right now.

I'm a university student, majoring in English and minoring in History. I like music, movies, friends and all the generic general stuff blah blah. My favourite season is fall, and I like rainy weather and ferocious oceans, not tropical boring ones. My favourite painters are Rossetti, Manet and Degas and my favourite literary movement is probably the modernist, or generally the very late 19th Century to the modernist. Hmm, Pope is also good for a few reads. My favourite album is In the Areoplane Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel. I'm also in love with coats and old houses.

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