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Do you know those people who can just sit there and rant for hours on end?

I wish I could at LEAST do that...

Writing for me is like the worst kind of constipation. No, by that I don't mean I don't enjoy it. I just have problems squeezing words out on paper. Picture a permanent writer's block.

I'm a girl still in high school. It's... er... ok? I'm sure there are plenty of stories here you can read about high school. There's nothing out of the ordinary in my life. I'm actually surprised at the amount of angst that is poured into high school fics. I'm pretty happy with my life actually.

I enjoy looking at things from a different point of view. I used to one of those people who contradict everything I see. Don't really know why I stopped. Probably because I started to sound petty -.-

Drop a review, I've got nothing better to do than over-analyse other people's opinions. Tell me about another good story if you'd like. I can never resist a good book. Well... unless you give me a tv and video game consol.

If you think there's something wrong with my spelling... then there probably is. I'm a New Zealander and follow the British rules of grammer and spelling. I use 's' instead of 'z' in 'Realise' and spell 'favorite' with a 'u' (Favourite). Feel free to correct me from time to time. Most times you'll find it's only because of my habits as a New Zealander so don't be surprised if I don't change it.

Pokes URL* http:///group/fictionpress
A little place where fictionpress writers can hang around and discuss things.

Ok, that's a wrap people. I'm going to stop rambling now.

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