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Salutations from the other side. Not a lot to be said here, really; I'm a Struggling Writer (female, obviously, unless you know many men named Amelia) currently hailing from Sydney, Australia. Why am I Struggling? Well, partly because it's so romantic, and partly because I'm in the middle of penning a novel, which is much harder than Joyce Carol Oatesmakes it look, let me tell you.

Anyway, I hope you like my little bits of nonsense. Hopefully, not enough to steal them, as the little copyright symbol thingies on each of them would indicate, but hey - what would life be without a little trust in your fellow humans, eh? No need to answer that.

Update - 2004: it's HERE! The fiction anthology maybe three people were awaiting with baited breath. "Akujunkan", the first anthology to be released by the Infinite Process (http://), and the very first time a work of mine has seen print, can now be purchased from Amazon:


Yep, that's right - I can actually call myself an author now without that look of self-conscious shame, because I'm PUBLISHED! The story anthologised here is my most popular short story to date, and my personal favorite, "Christobel" (which I've removed from this site, because I'm hoping you'll actually buy the thing). If you or any of your loved ones ever feel the urge some snowy Christmas morn to break open a volume of beloved tales and sit beside the hearth, reading aloud a heartwarming tale of a sadistic doctor in a 1930s lunatic asylum whose obsession with an unresponsive female patient leads him into a quagmire of madness, tortureand murder - make it this one.

Update - 2006: Yes, it's actually happening - I'm publishing again! This time, the story to see print is "Far Be It From Me", the story of a drug-addled female paramedic and the comatose boy she loves. It's sweet. Sort of. Anyway, it's being published on December 1st in Twisted Dreams magazine. I'll be putting up ordering info for when the time comes, but in the meantime, here's the mag's website:


And for God's sake, if you honestly like my work, buy the bloody thing. I would actually like to start making a living off this stuff sometime soon, you know.

As for what I'm up to right now: entering various writing contests and still - now and forever - writing that novel. Incidentally, don't be surprised if the work on this site periodically tends to vanish; if that happens, take it as meaning that I've entered the story in a competition.

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