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I don't know what was up with my stories ever since I got moved from FanFiction.net over to ,
but something in the text got screwed up. I also got a new version of word. Bear with me. (Or help me!)

My name is Nina. I graduated with a BA in English, writing minor. I have been writing the beginnings of stories for a very long time, but I never seem to actually finish because I have too many ideas and get distracted. It's just one after the other, non-stop. Poems are the only type of literature I finish, and I've been published a few times.

I love anime and manga, which are my inspiration for everything. My favorite authors are Anne Rice, Diana Wynne Jones, Madeleine L'Engle, and Naoko Takeuchi. I love Studio Ghibli! My favorite poet is Pablo Neruda.

We all love reviews, right? Yes, of course...and I especially love them because I take everything into consideration. As someone once told me to say: Constructive criticism is okay, flames will be laughed at, and praise will make me blush.

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