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June 1/10

Currently on the road in South America, so this is brief. I definitely do not think I will be posting Portraits online at all. 1) because I am no where near complete (maybe, at best, 25) 2) I don't have time/it has become increasingly difficult to finish. 3) Thank you to everyone who continues to review SevenActs and add it to their favourite list. Although I do not reply, I really do appreciate it.

October 4/09

I stated in January that I had been working on something and it's been a 3 year long process. One I am not sure I will ever finish. I find inspiration in places tucked between the lyrics of songs and in hospital rooms. They are fleeting moments I grab on to, but there has not been enough for me to finish my story or even perhaps really start. It's also been extremely difficult to write because the person I was when I wrote SevenActs. is not the person I am now (which I am sure, is the same for all writers) but even as I write Portraits I feel different with every word. So, I don't know when it will be--if it ever will be posted here.

But in the mean while,

Thanks for sticking with me.

thank you for all the reviews on sevenacts.
(there will not be, or ever will be a sequel. take it as it is and make your own)

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