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I am a scientist with too much time during experiments =^_~= as you can see here.

For those who wonder... I worked in the Forensic for *some* time and practice Kendo for over seven years now... maybe that's why my stories tend to be a little bit graphic and violent.

When I stayed in Japan, everyone told me that my boyfriend could be the 'real-life' Saitou from Ruroken, that's how my Ruroken-obsession started... the results are visible here. Does someone know if Watsuki comes from Sendai? The similarities are freaking... =^^=

BTW... I am astonished how many people call themselves 'otaku'... I think they really don't know what that means... otherwise they wouldn't call themselves like that... it actually IS an insult. Astonishing... 'otaku' seems to be fully warrantable in these cases...

Oh, I am not a native speaker so please show leniency towards me, please don't flame me for wrong choice of words or wrong grammar. Please be gentle and tell me in easy words what is wrong (I'm sensitve AND stupid!), BUT I can/am able to learn =^^=.

FAVOURITE MANGAS: Blade of the Immortal!!! It would be a sacrilege to write a fanfic about this..., the artwork is amazing, the characters, the atmosphere...PERFECT // Rurouni Kenshin, Naruto, RoLW
FAVOURITE COUPLES: Saitou/Tokio =^^= (RK), Saitou/Aoshi (RK), Saitou/Okita (RK), Anotsu/Maki (BotI), Magatsu/O-Ren :( (BotI), Hyakurin/Shinriji :( (BotI), Jiba/Neese (RoLW)

I've removed some of my works from fanfiction.net: The hunt, Unrequited love, Waiting, Saitou Tokio. A life.-NC-17-version (complete in this version). You'll find them on my homepage =^^=.
...and I reposted them on December 11th... *SIGH*
*SNIFF* I lost over 150 reviews with 'Saitou Tokio. A life'-NC-17-version... *SNIFF*

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