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The Haiku Police
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We are also known as the Grammar Police and the Decency Police and have made it our mission to keep the streets of fanfiction.net safe for properly written haiku. We have been described variously as "lonely", "depressed", "on a high pedestal", and as "the brave men in pink". We are none of the above, although we collectively own three pink sweaters and a pair of shorts that could possibly be described as magenta. Need we say more? Perhaps, we need. Five, seven, five, okay? It is not that hard to grasp. We have grasped it quite well- in fact, we dream in sets of seventeen syllables. Please, please, if you feel the need to write something in sixteen syllables, eighteen syllables, or, God forbid, thirty-eight-and-a-half lines, do not post it in the haiku section or we will cry. And you do not want to see us cry.
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