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I work full time, live part time, and study sometimes (but not often). I'm pretty boring. My most precious person is serving in Afghanistan right now, so I'm boohooing about that. But the air is fresh and hot, my lemonade is extra cold, and this strawberry is the juiciest I've ever eaten. Life could be better, but I'm pretty damn content with where I'm at right now. Be happy, everyone! Your life may suck, but there's someone out there who's got is worse. Life is too beautiful to waste.

I don't visit FP often due to a larger interest in FF (it all started with a DBZ obsession ten years ago and a frantic search for lovely stories to quench my thirst for adventure. living vicariously? hellyes). I still haven't worked up the guts to post anything (I did once, but had to remove them due to humiliation. I was. wait for it. a fan of the dreaded MARYSUE. ooo, bad juju. I was also twelve-ish), but I like to think I've improved since then. If I do review (which is rare, I apologize. I'm very shy), I will try to be constructive and helpful.

...TO Squeezebox: uncle and best friend.

I'm missing you

5 years and counting.

...TO MaHen: inspiration and best friend.

Tu me manque.

6 months and counting.

...TO our soldiers.


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