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I'm not really a good writer, or any kind of writer at all. Just kidding, actually I'm a pulitzer prize winning journalist and author who every once in a while feels like connecting with the common man and woman out there. That's why I write these stories, so that I can keep in touch with the America I know and love. It is the underappreciated masses that make my wonderful, pulitzer prize winning life a possibility. So guys, this is for you.

A fop is a dandy and a rogue is a scamp. Bet you didn't know that.

Thanks to Mande and Briske and Darkmoon and Gibbles and everyone for being so encouraging. I hope that Squirtle is doing well.

Oh, and Hugh Jackman, quite possibly the hottest man alive, is the guy in the towel and golf club in the story. And I still like Ents.

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