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I am thirteen years old ^.^ I love any kind of anime, especially Digital Monsters, Sailor Moon, and Escaflowne! =) For Digimon, my fav couples are Jyoumi, Taira, and Takari, in that order. Really, though, I read anything :) As long as the writing's good, I don't care =).

Yay!!! =) I was newly dubbed "Queen of DigiPoetry" and "Megami no Reliability" by mah wonderful pal, Charity! ^_^ WAII!!! Isn't that so kakkoii? I just love titles =D Lalala! :) *does an Irish jig* It's nifty to be good at something!

Shoutouts! Lolz, as if you could really hear me shout...anyway, this is to Charity, Sachi, Alli, Roxy, Marie (Mahree), Rb, Becky, Duck-sama, Dale, Nikki, sere, & lyra! ^-^ Thanks for being my friends, you guys!

Review my stuff! Onnegai! I'll write more! ^~ Or would that be a good thing? oO If you R/R one of my pieces, I'll R/R one of your yours as soon as I can! Scout's honor ^^.

Lolz, well, I hope you chance to read at least one or two of my stories! ^^ Come on, give it a shot.

One last thing. I'm in a play, so I have maybe two hundred lines to learn, so that means two things ^_^;; 1.) I'll probably write more theater stuff...scripts, ya know. 2.) As depressing as it sounds (to me ^_^;;) I probably won't get to write as much.
^~ Sayonara!

:novelist: + [Sandiya] (Seiitsu's clique! Can't get it to work...so here's the addy! http:///novelist/index.html )

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