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There is fiction in the space between
The lines on your page, the memories
Write it down but it doesn't mean
We're not just telling stories
(Tracy Chapman - Telling Stories)

Important notice: As you can see above, I have changed my email to thistlemeg@ and will be deleting my old address sometime this weekend. If you don't really care because you've never emailed me before, this is your chance! I love mail! :D

As for the stories on here...I rather like A Dursley Halloween and if you're going to read anything I've written that should be the one. The Remus ones and Sacrum Sanguis aren't terrible, but any novel-length fics will almost definitely not be getting updated until this summer because real life is has been very pesky lately.

I understand that you want more of me, so visit my LiveJournal: http:///users/thistlemeg

(and now for more song quote goodness)

Cultivate the freshest flower
This garden ever grew
Beneath these branches
I once wrote such childish words for you
But that's okay
There's treasure children always seek to find
And just like us
You must have had
A once upon a time
(Elton John - Curtains)
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