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Maury Hime PM
Joined Jan '02

Name: Mo
Age: 23
Sex: Graduate Student
Intelligence: has progressed...A LOT
Food of Preference: Cookies...does Diet Dr. Pepper count?
Insanity Level: hahahahahaha...ah-hem, I mean. Normal.

Mo ~ to bad I don't have a mini Sage that i can take to school and help me to write during class
Sage ~ ...
Sage ~ that would be creepy.
Mo ~ or better yet throw penny bombs at Leah during Extended Algebra
Mo ~ it'd be cool though
Sage ~ bwee. I wish.
Mo ~ hehehe think of the horror you'd constrict on my evil minded piers
Sage ~ steeples fingers and grins maliciously

w00t. Onward to Victory!

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