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Isabeau of Greenlea
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A forty-something costumer at a small liberal arts college. Family consists of a loving husband, two sons, two horses, six Shelties, and an ever-increasing flock of Shetland sheep. Hobbies include horseback riding, spinning, roleplaying, dogshows, and breed rescue. Have loved LOTR since I read it in the eight grade, but have only recently started writing fan fiction.

7/29/02--Updates for Captain may also be found at the Henneth-Annun Story Archive:

1/30/03--Sorry to be so long about updating Captain--chapter 43 is in the works, and about halfway completed. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending upon how you look at it, my muse was very much into something that was happening in the past of Heth's universe, and in the future--part of the second Heth story. So I have been writing, just not Captain 43. Or rather, Captain 43, and the two other stories. The second Heth story excerpt will not be available on for some time, till I've caught up with it chronologically. It is in the HASA Challenge section. The other story, Ultimatums, will be posted here when it is complete. It concerns Prince Imrahil's courtship of his wife Nimrien when he was much younger. Again, sorry to be so late with 43, and thanks for your patience and all the feedback you've given me. Isabeau

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