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Atlantima PM
Joined Jan '02
Be forewarned, if you attempt to have a sane conversation with me, my half of it will be punctuated with inside jokes, fanonical Atlantean, and references to obscure fandoms.

My best works are "A Gateway to Madness", "Aletha" and anything Atlantis. Neomail me at _atlantima_.

I desperately want a beta reader who is fluent in English & Spanish.

"...I know you! You are GOOD!!! You are the only A:TLE fan poet I've ever seen, but the niche fits you like a glove! You have talent!...I'm certainly looking forward to more of your stuff! "Ode to Atlantis" was something I really needed to read!..." ~Rebmakash

~psst...you can still find NeopIdiots, if you aim for the right place~


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