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I'm the real silverluna, not to be confused with any fake, imitation silverlunas. Anyway, I've gotten over my shock of learning all music groups/tv shows are being deleted. So much for that whole "freeing your soul" slogan in the upper lefthand corner. I wanted to thank everyone who has read/reviewed any of my stories in the past. I went through most of my stories and took down e-mail addresses because I do plan on continuing my stories...some very nice fellow author (Dawnie!) has offered to host my stories, so I'll be sending each of you with e-mail addresses update reports. If anyone does/doesn't want to be on the list, just send an e-mail to stating what u want. We should make the best of this situation. Thanks again to everyone who's had comments about my stories. It's helped a lot for inspiration/courage to be a better writer.
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