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There I am, grinning like an idiot, what can I say, I've been a bit too happy as of late...

I will be writing a bit more about me here later.

"We understand ourselves by interpreting the way others percieve us."
┬ĄZengore The Black(Tony NI Budinich)
So review so i can understand myself better!"A normal person is just someone you don't know very well yet."
So get to know people better!

I simply write poetry from my soul, whatever comes to my heart i transfer to paper. All are pieces of myself.

3-13-03: No news up to this point really matters anymore so i deleted it, I've removed all my poetry, but will be leaving the account active so my reviews do not dissapear.(I reviewed a lot, and don't want to do that to the people who's work I have reviewed) Good day to you all, it has been a fun run while it lasted.

My Favorite Authors List is full, so here are those that won't fit:
euphoric love, Gokus-Princess, lostinlove, TeenGohan250, Wandering Angel, Alish, Katrina the Sapphire, StellarOvrU, Meredith Drake, Dasani, FantasyGirl, Laila Lucine, Kittykat146, End of the Rainbow, Rini, Agent Ditz, Stephanie Honey, Ashes, Murdock, SilverStalionGrl, LucarnmInflamari, Unfinished Thoughts, qsmadness007, Senshi of Life, Raven Maxwell, meccareca, Da DaRk RoSe WoNt StOp DaNcInG, mitsuri, JungleCat, brendanjunkie, SupernovaSakura, Camilla Sandman, solemnpessimist, Neya Trinidad, Luna McCauley, Soba-chan, Windresss, Mimi, Demortes, Expert Predator, charisma1525, Chen-Too, Clovis15, Legomyleg1111, Smiley- Bear, Oddity Elspeth, Catella Erato

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