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i'm really stuborn/clueless/insane, i like fashion stuff, i like to stick to my goals, FORMULA ONE KICKS ASS, NASCAR SUCKS, and i like boys WAY too much. well, other stuff too, but i can't think of anyhting right now...oh,yeah..i like gundam wing and of course WEISS KRUEZ (SCHU ROCKS!!!) i like blink 182 and papa roach. pop anything/anybody sucks and i'm suggesting they get a life!!!! (if im insulting anybody's taste please deal with it, you can't always get it nice). i like to participate in discussions even though it annoys the crap out of everyone. I'M TALKATIVE, OKAY, I CAN'T HELP IT!!! i also like to speak different languages because it's one thing i'm good at,and i love, love, love taking 2hr. long showers every day!! my, wasn't this boring??? ^_~ wow, i seem to like "I" alot, and as you can see i even blab in profiles.
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