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lets see! I am of a very young age, writing slash O_o and I love LOTR. ^_^ Not just Frodo, but Tolkiens works, and the beauty of the movie. it made me cry ;; and I've seen FOTR 11 times...I plan to see the other two 10 or more times ^_^; mm I own like, a statue of Frodo and a cutout of him ^_^ (life sized, hahahah its like 3 feet tall...ah i love hobbits)

OH well, ANYWAY, heres some useless crap about me (cause everyone loves useless crap):

Fav. Movie: Lord of the Rings
Fav. LOTR character: Frodo! ^^x
Fav. Book: LOTR. ^_^ and The Hobbit
Fav. Fanfic: Phantasy and Flame by Epona (AHHH GO READ IT ;_;)
Fav. Pairing: Sam and Frodo
Fav. Animes: Nadesico, Inu Yasha, Di Gi Charat, Cardcaptor Sakura, Kare Kano
Fav. Jpop song: Shinjitsu no Shi by Do As Infinity
Fav. Bishoujo: Hoshino Ruri, Sango, Kinomoto Sakura
Fav. Bishounen: Frodo, Tsukihiro Yukito, Miroku, Ky
Current fic ideas: LOTRagu, this new Sam/Frodo slash fic that will come be soon, and the last chapter of Daydream My Dream

oh and YO veggie! ^_^x please check out her stories. she has the best Harry Potter fics, ever.

newer note: I love veggie sosososo much ;_; because she made me this: http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=701984 ;_;


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