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zig heilo, i am ze nuckpang, i am ze walrus, goo goo go joob. i have been told zhat i'm a very funny person, i have told zhem, er...wha?. i am of ze opinion zhat i am very weird, but i'm happy vit ze way i am.
i'm 17, male, i live in ireland, i love monty phyton, music, star wars , und...er... monty python. right now i'm rewriting "a new hope", but if i'm a bit slow, sorry, 2 much skool vork. i'm tall, dark n...tall. i speak in a rediculas accent because...actually, i don't know vhy, but i do. if u like my writeing tell me... coz i really need ze emotional support *sniff* (n i like 2 hear how great i am). any vay, zig bye now.
OH YES, i have another story co-written with kid pheonix, it's listed under his profile, and it's also in my fav fics, read it...any reviews would also be much appriciated. UND, if anyvon vants to chat i'm on MSN and yahoo messanger under ze name of (you guesed it) nuckpang. get in touch.
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