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Threw together another chapter for Intagible Evil. It really is quite a good book inside of my head, but we'll not get into that now shall we... I'll try not to wait another 6 years for the next one seeing as how this only took me a couple hours.

Here's hoping my confusing writing spurs you into reading AND commenting about your confusion, so that I might have more motivation to write, possibly only confusing you more, but hopefully doing some explaining in the process.

Doubtful that anyone will stumble across this as I haven't put anything on here in ~6 years, but just in case...

I have a lot of down time at work right now, so I may get around to writing something that I want to upload here, who knows.

Well, I have some decent stuff in here, despite the fact I haven't worked on any of it in years. Sadly (I'm guessing) formatting changes to the site have made parts of it somewhat unreadable. Oh well, I may go back and fix it (among other things) or I may just say fuck it, and only upload new stuff.

That's it for now, pending me, you know, writing stuff.

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