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Tiffany Kremer
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I'm baaaaack! Well, at least with some of my older stuff. I'm currently in the process of trying to get some new writing brewed up...it's hard, truely it 'tis. But for your pleasure, I have posted a few of my older works. I really do hope I can get something new up soon though. We'll just have to wait and see.

A little about myself though for those who do not know me - I am a romantic. Plain and simple. I love romance, but I espeicaly love romance stories that have a fantasy element - mainly elves. I have yet to find a goodfantasybook that focuses mainly on the romance rather than the whole epic or adventure. I am also engaged to a very loving man, his name is Robert Freund who has graced us with his presence on fiction press long ago, and he still has one story that he wrote if you wish to take a gander. I also highly recommend looking at those in my favorites list...whoever is left since so many have left.

All that I ask is that you remain patiant with me..or perhaps drop me an e-mail to get my rear in gear and get to writing. Not sure if that will help, but at least I will know I have an audience who enjoys what little writing I do these days, heh. Also I would like to recommend some wonderful books that I have read that I think deserve recognition:

My first and are most favorite is the Kushiel Trilogy by Jacqueline Carey- Kushiel's Dart, Kushiel's Chosen, and Kushiel's Avatar.

My second favorite book are the Rhapsody series by Elizabeth Haydon, which include Rhapsody, Prophecy, and Destiny. And if you enoyed those, check out her newest Symphony of Ages series.

These writers alone inspire me, but maybe not enough to get in into the writing mood. So let's see what I can do. Other wise, enjoy while you wait!

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