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Watashi was Mamiko Noto. Juyonsai, Chugaku Ninen.

Did I get that right? Does anyone know Japanese out there? I'm trying to learn... and I think I got a bunch wrong...

And no, my name is not Noto Mamiko. Far from it. My beta calls me Es... that's wat we shall use here.

WARNING! I'm usually clasified as critically insane by my friends. Something I love to do (this is a warning to some of you young HP writers out there... haha... I'm young to... 14 actually)

Anyways... side tracked... I love going to new stories or ones that don't have any reviews and write a review myself. They are constructive for the writer (no, I don't write flames) because I try to help (although I don't usually put *all* suggesions because then it'll look like I'm nagging) them make it their best. I think that I actually might end up some what helping people... but you can tell from my stories that I'm not near perfect.


A Touch of Sugar is the most frequently story updated as of now. The next chapter was already sent back to me by my beta and I have to fix it. Should be up soon... but get ready, it's a long one. I think I'll make the eighth chapter short to give you guys kind of a break... unless you don't want to.

The sequel to ATOS has actually already been started so I hope poeple will stay with me until then. It's going to be entitled 'Silver Tears' after a poem by my beta.

I have:

5 G/D fics that are sort of underway. Just tid bits and ideas. Most of these won't be up for a long time from now. (I included Silver Tears in this count) Obviously, you can tell this is my favorite ship.

3 D/H fics that I've gotten ideas for. Yes... SLASH. AMAZING! My first. I hope they'll come along nicely and won't be up too long from now.

One R/Hr fic that I'm working on. Very short one-shot about when Ron comes down when Harry and Sirius are talking. Sort of AU. Should be up soon.

Did I mention I was insane?!?!?!

Quote of the Week!

'Women aren't things!' said Ron, who had obviously never read Rule 117 of the Malfoy Code. — Maya -or Sharon Armstron -(Draco Malfoy the Amazing Bouncing... Rat? (04))

GO READ! http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=582345

P.S. You can contact me at I'd love to hear from you with suggestions or comments or...flames even.


Ta ta for now!

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