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Hm, lesse. I've written a couple of stories for , most of which are Harry Potter (and nearly all R/H themed to boot). I don't really consider myself a very good writer, but I do enjoy it, and other people seem to sometimes. I post my stories because it's nice to have feedback :)

I love to read. I don't have a favorite book, persay... I (obviously) am totally in love with Harry Potter... Lord of the Rings, so far as I've read (the first book) is very good. Oh, Brave New World - an amazing book. Fight Club, Invisible Monsters, all of the Incarnations of Immortality series... I like Dean Koontz books, and Stephen King too.

I'm the liberal type - perhaps because I live in one of the most liberal states in the U.S., and my parents encourage me to found my own ideas. That is to say, I believe in many things they don't, and don't believe in many things they do, but they've never made me think their way. I think that's good :) On that note, yes, I'm ok with slash fanfiction, but only if it's well written - I'm ok with anything, as long as it's entertaining and written well.

I'm rather horrid with poetry. *nods* If you've ever had my AP english teacher, you'd understand why. I will NEVER be able to deciper "The Sow". Not that I want to, mind.

Hm. What else? I've been dating the same boy for three years. I taught myself to design webpages when I was thirteen, and people say I'm good at it, but I don't believe them - not after some of the pages I've seen.

Oh, here's something - I'm very into anime, even though I don't write anime fics. My favorites are WeiƟ Kreuz, Utena, and Oh My Goddess, as far as series go. As far as movies? Perfect Blue, Grave of the Fireflies... and probably a few others. Also, I really love web comics - especially Boy Meets Boy and Megatokyo.

What can I say? I'm a fantasy freak.

OH! One more thing - even though I'm in love with my boyfriend, if Ron Weasley ever became "real", well... lets say I wouldn't even give Hermione the chance. ;)

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