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Hey everybody, it's me, the one and only, Jace. I'd really like to give you a story or two about how my life is going right now, but that would be too long and you wouldn't have time to check out my stuff below. My poetry explains most of the exciting things in the lives around me, so hit 'em up!

Thursday, March 05, 2009: I just wanted to give a quick update to let you know that these poems were all written with a short life span -- Ending in 2006/2007. I have gone to college and some how managed to move past all the cynicism and depression that once invaded my life, and am very happy now. For some reason, the words don't flow so well unless I'm down and out... Maybe it's a writer thing... to be searching pain and full of sorrow. Rest assured, the passion is still there, and one day the words will turn around and flow no matter the mood -- Who knows, there may be some love poems in my near future. I thank you for your support, time, thoughts, and acceptance of such a bitter teen writer. (who by the way is at this date and time 22 years old.)

Life is good... And happiness does find a way...

I love reading what people have to say! Read and review however many poems of mine you want, but you have to let me know what you think if it meant something to you, or even if you thought it sucked... just be nice about it! =)

It has been brought to my attention that maybe I should elaborate a little further on why I write what I write. Sometimes people point out interesting aspects of relationships, or sometimes things happen to me, or maybe I was insipired by a movie or song that creates a poem in my mind, but everything I write doesn't necessarily mean I expirienced it. Chill out, kick back, and enjoy the idea of a little imaginative real-life scenerios. You should expect some more fabulous poems, yet possibly depressing. (Go figure.)

Update As we go through life, we are taught that special events require some sort of celebration. So, there will be a few old poems I will be posting that might piss some particulars off, as my celebration. (There also comes a time in ones life in which they realize they don't give a damn any more!) One last thing... LaLa, please enjoy and feel free to leave a review, since you've been such a dedicated reader of mine! February Tribute To A Very Well-Known Player

All the poems I've been asked not to post are as follows:

(The bolded ones are recommended reads...)

Used, Falling Apart, Who Am I To You?, How Do I Feel, Sad Eyes, You Don't Understand, Take Two, Masquerade, Whore, Gone, Heart Of Holes, You Still Endure, Watch This, Walk Away,Sometimes I Think That You Cannot Lie, Sonnet Two, Committment, I Could Scream, Confused, With You How Do You Walk Away From Someone You Love?, I Wonder, and Security Blanket

Short Story: But I Loved You

There comes a time in a persons life after they pass the "pissed off" stage... It is at that time when they realize it's not worth fighting about, he's not worth being angry at. You move on...

The poems just get more interesting from here...

Life is good...

Bon appetite!
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